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The following varieties are currently being grown by Hash Tree Company. Not all species, varieties, or sizes may be available at this time. Please click on this link for wholesale nursery availability.
Availability    Click on the name or picture for current season pictures.

Fir species - Abies Availability
Concolor Fir -Abies concolor Corkbark Fir -Abies lasiocarpa arizonica Subalpine Fir - Abies lasiocarpa
Concolor picture Corkbark picture Subalpine  picture

Spruce species - Picea Availability
Black Hills Spruce - Picea glauca densata Engelmann Spruce - Picea engelmannii Norway Spruce - Picea abies Serbian Spruce - Picea omorika
Black Hills picture Engelmann picture Norway picture Serbian picture
Colorado Spruce - Picea pungens/P. pungens glauca Colorado Spruce 'Fat Albert' - Picea pungens 'Fat ablert' Colorado Spruce 'hoopsi' - Picea pungens 'hoopsi' Colorado Spruce 'bacheri' - Picea pungens 'bacheri'
Colorado picture Fat Albert picture Hoopsi picture Bacheri picture

Pine species - Pinus Availability
Austrian Pine - Pinus nigra Border Pine - Pinus strobiformis Bosnian Pine - Pinus leucodermis Bristlecone Pine - Pinus aristata
Austrian picture Border picture Bosnian picture Bristlecone Picture
Swiss Mountain Pine - Pinus mugo rostrata Ponderosa Pine - Pinus ponderosa Scotch Pine - Pinus sylvestris Vanderwolf Pine - Pinus flexilis ´vanderwolf's pyramid´
Swiss Picture Ponderosa Picture Scotch Picture Vanderwolf Picture

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